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Adventure House, located at 100 year old Villa Barrdoft, can accommodate 12 people overnight. We support youth group activities by offering our expertise, facilities, and equipment for the organisation of adventure activities. Adventure House specialises in adventure education activities for young people, with the objective of increasing trust within the group and practising group decision making. At the House, we can provide different indoor and outdoor exercises for organising activities.

In the Adventure House young people can experience a wide variety of activities like treasure hunting, canoeing, climbing etc. The key thing in every activity is to promote group spirit. The Adventure House is best suited for groups under 20 people, but larger groups are also possible.

We will make visitors to the duration of the evening full of purpose and suitable for the adventure packages. Things will be agreed in advance.

For example:

  1. Grouping:  inside and outside, the duration of 2-4 hours

  2. Climbing: outdoors, the duration depends on the group size for 2-3 hours

  3. Canoeing: group or alone. 2-4hours

  4. Various adventure activities 1-8hours


Adventure House’s mission and objectives explained shortly:

Adventure House specializes in adventure education activities for young people. The house has indoor and outdoor exercises, as well as different equipment adventure in organizing it’s activities. Adventure activities are organized in the house but also in other environments, such as nature excursions and camping activities. In addition, the Adventure House arranged for young people and youth activities and supervising the training activities related to adventure.

Adventure Education the aim of the youth center is to provide positive experiences for young people and strengthen the capacity of young people work in a group. Sense of community and support the inclusion of adventure education access for young people to find their own strengths as individuals and as a team member. 

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Kallvikinniementie 10
00890 Helsinki
Tel. +358 (0)9 310 716 50

Coordinates: 60.20 N, 25.13 W

Facebook: Seikkailutalo